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The Comrades Marathon comes to Winnie the Pooh

The Comrades Marathon is a special event for the Durban Community and the children at Winnie the Pooh enjoy their very own Comrades Marathon. The children love this event, they dress in their class colours and run around the playground stopping at refreshment tables and getting sponged off when they get hot. Every child gets a Winnie the Pooh medal at the end of the race.
Holiday Programme
Our Easter holiday programme was action packed with fun and exciting activities. The Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Hat Parade were the highlights of programme.

The Air Show

The Air Show is another special event on Durban's Calendar and Winnie the Pooh Pre-School has the perfect view from the playground to watch the aeroplanes practising all week before the Show. We made all different kinds of aeroplanes with the children. Our peg aeroplanes worked particularly well.